Paving Stone Design Trends For Pool & Outdoor Patios

Nothing adds a warm touch to an outdoor patio space more than pavers and bricks. They are among the most sought-after materials in home design trends and are increasingly being used to beautify residential backyards into perfect venues for entertaining.

Consider the following choices for paving stones when you want to make your pool decking or outdoor patio area more attractive.


Flagstone is one of the most popular paving stone options for creating an outdoor patio and pool decking area that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful. You can choose from an extensive range of colors, tones, sizes, and textures to create your ideal design.

Pavers made from coralina flagstone are a unique option because of the material’s vein-like formations, which give it character and texture in addition to its beauty.


Oolite is a stone with the appearance of limestone but has been worn by water and weather into a smooth, glossy finish. These stones make excellent pool deck paving because their coloration ranges from tan to brownish-grey, and they are hard-setting materials that won’t crumble or crack easily.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers have a variety of outdoor uses, but they make the most sense for pool decking areas. This material is formed over centuries from calcium carbonate, and it comes in various colors, including white, taupe, black, or even grey.

paving stones

Orchard Flagstone

A paving solution made from crab orchard flagstone is stunning for pool decking and outdoor patio projects. This material is mined in the Crab Orchard Mountains of southwest Virginia and brings rich natural coloration that includes shades of golden browns, reddish-browns, rich reds, light browns, and even black.

Any of these materials will turn your dull pool decking or outdoor patio into a space that is visually appealing and inviting.